Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a classic, free and no-download American football game that you can play on your PC. In your game is to train your team and win prizes at the end of each season. Contracting and cutting players is your duty as a manager. The NFL is a complicated league, so it's hard to be successful every season, especially in the first season, so manage it wisely! The game seems complicated at first steps, but once you get used to it, it can get you hooked.

You need to focus on managing the squad because that is the most important factor in this game. Midfielders are one of the most important players in the Retro Bowl game, so do your best on your team.

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Controls Guide

Retro Bowl game rules are also typical American football rules. When two teams (11 players each) play against each other. The goal is to score more points than your opponent in the allotted time before the tournament.

To score, a player must move the ball down the opponent's court and bring the ball into the end area of ​​the opponent's court to make a touch. Touching the ball can be done by throwing the ball to a teammate or hugging the ball and running with the ball.

Each team will have 4 chances to send the ball 10m forward. When you cross 10m down the road, you will have to put the ball down and start again in 10m. After 4 phases to the side, if not over 10m distance, the ball will be passed to your team.

The 11 players on each team will be divided into three different roles:

  • Attacking group: are midfielders, who receive the task of performing the ball winning phase and throwing the ball for teammates.
  • Defensive group: responsible for preventing players of other teams from running away with the ball
  • Task force: kicking and throwing the ball on the field, this role is usually reserved for members with large bodies and extremely fast running speeds.